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CPS ல் பிழைகளை online ல் பிறந்ததேதி,பெயர் திருத்தம் சரி செய்தல் சார்பாக சென்னை Data center ஆணையரின் 27.05.2020 ன் கடிதம்..

Thiru C. Samayamoorthy, IA.S.,
Commissioner (FAC), 
Government Data Centre, 
Chennai — 600 025.

 All the Regional Directors of Treasurie and Accounts Department.
All the Pay and Accounts Officers,

All the District Treasury Officers
Lr. No. 1802/]/2019. Dated: 61.05.2020

sir / Madam,
sub: Government Data Centre — Contributory Pension Scheme —
Assigning CPS index numbers to the subscribers ~ Online
Portal hosted for name and date of birth Correction in th
CPS index numbers - Regarding.

The applications (s1 Form) to obtain CPS Index Numbers to the subscribers
are being applied by the DDOs and the Index Numbers are generated through

“After the above process, the subscribers name, date of birth, etc. if any found
incorrect, the concerned DDOs wil) address this Department with the hard fopy of
Televant records to rectify the errors. After receiving such correspondence. the
requested correction in the CPS subscribers name, date of birth, etc. are being
manually rectified by this Department.

In this instance, as requested by this Department, the NIC has designed a
Online Module to update/rectify the incorrect hame, date of birth, etc. if any found in
the GPS index numbers by the concerned DDOs itself. The said module has been
launched on 27.05.2020 and ready for access by the DDOs. The above mentioned,
portal address is “WWwW.cpDSs.tn.gov.in”. Hereafter, the DDOs may log in to the
given portal and by accessing the “Index Updation" tab found in the home page to
update/rectify the incorrect name, date of birth, etc. if any found in the CPS index
numbers by them itself.

Hence, I request you all to intimate the above fact to your DDOs concerned to
update/rectify the incorrect name. date of birth, etc. if any found in the CPS index
numbers by them itself and you are also requested to intimate all the DDOs to
ensure that no more correspondence(HARD COPY _will be sent to the
Department (GDC) in future in respect of updating/rectifying the subscribers
name, date of birth, etc. if any found incorrect in the CPS index numbers,

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