Some important points alternative (Pedagogy) methodology:

Tamil Nadu Govt will implement alternative method instead of ABL. This method is calling Pedagogy.

(Kuzhandai Neya Katral).

This method will implement 2 schools in each block level as a trial from January 2018.

Pedagogy method will implement to all primary schools from 2018-19 academic year.

1 to 3 std mingle (for Asst tr)

4 and 5 std mingle (for HM)

Alternative method will introduce.
Name Pedagogy.

ABL cards not implement.

Text book, students work book and Teacher Guide will issue.

Low level black board,  kambi pandal, self attendance, Grouping, health chakra and whether chart will continue.

Each period 90 minutes only.

Daily 3 subjects will teach.

Period 1 
9.30 to 11 am

Period 2
11.10 to 12.40

Period 3
2.00 pm to 3.30

Extra curricular and co curricular activities:

1.30 to 2.00 pm
3.40 to 4.10 pm.

Six groups reduced.  Only 4 groups.

QR code has in the text book.
Teacher scan the QR code, then video lesson will play in the mobile or tablet.

Many activities in the text book.

Teacher can teach each class separately.

But should give activity or written work to other class students.

More activity for bright students and minimum activity for slow learners in the text book and work book.

Students materials should display on the kambi pandal.

15 periods to a week.

All periods and subjects same to all classes in the school. Time table will design by Education Department.

In future student will evaluate through online with the help of tablet.

4 std No ABL.

4 and 5 std SALM methodology will implement.

Cards maybe use as  TLM.