Income tax software 2018-2019 Good formance*
1. Automatic increment
2. Auto HRA
3. Auto CCA
4. Stop increment
5. Nil HRA
6. Nil CCA
7. House loan interest 200000 and renovation loan yes or No method
8. C.P.S member auto 10%deduction
9.GPF automatic 12% or more Deduction
10. E.L surrender 15 or 30 days with particular month.
11. Any arrear amount add in monthly statement page.
12. D.A arrear 1and 2 Automatically calculated
13. C.P.S deduction amount additional benefits for ccd1b Rs. 50000.
14. C.M relief fund easy to input area to fill
15. Monthly Tax deduction plan available
16. Bank challan available to pay tax directly
17. Easy to print all separate pages.
18. New form 12BB only allowed show in deduction certificate old method not elegible page no 4.
19. Rent receipt availabl

*This information and software for Teacher community purpose free of service also use others*