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Chapter 1- Principles of Management. English Medium  –Download Here
Chapter 2-Functions of management  English Medium  –Download Here
Chapter 3-Management By Object & Management By Exception English Medium   –Download Here
Chapter 4- Financial markets English Medium   –Download Here
Chapter 5 -Capital Market  English Medium   –Download Here
Chapter 6- Money market English Medium –Download Here
Chapter 7- Stock Exchange English Medium– –Download Here
Chapter 8- SEBI (Securities Exchange board of India) English Medium– –Download Here
Chapter 9- Human resource management English Medium– –Download Here
Chapter 10- Recruitment methods English Medium– –Download Here
Chapter 11- Employee selection process English Medium   –Download Here
Chapter 12- Employee training methods English Medium– –Download Here
Chapter 13- Elements of Marketing  English Medium– –Download Here
Chapter 14- Marketing and Marketing mix English Medium– –Download Here
Chapter 15- Recent trends in marketing English Medium –Download Here
Chapter 16- CONSUMERISM English Medium –Download Here
Chapter 17- Consumer Protection English Medium   – –Download Here
Chapter 18- Grievance redressal mechanism English Medium  – –Download Here
 Chapter 19- Business Environment English Medium   – –Download Here
Chapter 20- liberalisation privatisation globalization  English Medium   – –Download Here
Chapter 21- sale of goods Act 1930 English Medium  – –Download Here
Chapter 22- the negotiable instrument Act 1881 English Medium    – –Download Here
 Chapter 23- entrepreneurship development English Medium  – –Download Here
Chapter 24- Types of entrepreneurs English Medium  – –Download Here
Chapter 25- Government Entrepreneurial schemes English Medium  – –Download Here
Chapter 26- companies act 2013 English Medium  – –Download Here
Chapter 27- Company Management English Medium  – –Download Here

Chapter 28- company secretary  English Medium  – –Download Here

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