SOP For Conduct HSE-II Year  Practical Examinations

Guidelines for HSE-II Year Practical Examinations HSE-II Year Practical Examinations

1. Laboratory should be sanitized before and after conduct of practical of each batch.

2. Laboratory equipments should be sanitized before and after the every batch. 

3. Practical experiments should be arranged in such a manner that social distancing norms are followed. Accordingly, the number of students to be allowed in one batch should be determined.

4. It shall be ensured that a floor area of 4m 2  per student is available for working on equipment.

5. Sufficient number of Hand Sanitizers shall be provided.

6. Hand sanitizer is a fire hazard and it should not be kept near any inflammable laboratory equipment and should be handled with utmost care.

7. Students are strictly instructed not to touch any inflammable laboratory equipment immediately after using hand sanitizer.

8. Students/Staff should be informed about COVID-19 appropriate behaviour / precautionary measures i.e. wearing of masks, washing hands, social distancing and other norms.

9. Doors and Windows of the laboratories should be kept open during the conduct of the practical examinations.

10.Exhaust fan should be switched ON to have proper air circulation.

11.All students / Staff should be screened by Thermal Scanner.

12. It is mandatory for all students / staff to wear face masks during the practical Examination.

13.Students are allowed to bring their own sanitizer and drinking water bottle.

14.All students should wash their hands prior to practical examination and after completion of examination. 

15.Internal and External Examiners / Students shall disinfect his/her hands with hand sanitizer, before touching the Laboratory apparatus /question papers.

16.Waiting rooms may be arranged separately for the following batch of students till they are allowed inside the practical examination laboratory at the allotted time.

17.Waiting rooms should be sanitized before and after the every batch.

18.Adequate arrangements for safe drinking water should be made on the practical examination laboratory and waiting room.

19.Toilets should be properly cleaned. Adequate supply of water in toilets should be ensured.

20.If any student is tested COVID positive, the practical examination for those students shall be conducted later. Similarly, if any student is having symptoms of fever, cough and cold at the time of practical examination, they may be sent back and the practical examination for those students shall be  conducted later. The date shall be announced by concerned Chief Educational Officer. 

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