Palli Paarvai TNSED App User Manual

Palli Paarvai TNSED

Palli Paarvai is a mobile observation tool to assist the officials strengthen existing classroom practices, based on the real-time and accurate data trom classrooms. The app captures and analyses data across four critical parameters

  1. Standardized classroom observations
  2. Teacher professional development
  3. Student learning levels
  4. Data corroboration

Note :UDISE CODE option is applicable only for DEOS, CEOs & State Officials

Palli Paarvai TNSED App User Manual In Pdf 

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Version :0.0.36


Sections in the App

  • School Selection
  • Classroom Selection
  • Teaching Learning Process Observation questions
  • Student Attendance
  • Student Assessment
  • Notebook Verification
  • School Inspection
  • EMIS Data Validation
  • Post Observation Questions
  • Observation Report
  • Observe another class
  • Submit Observation