GPF Subscription Ceiling 5 Lakh

General Provident Fund Ceiling of Rupees 5 Lakh on Subscription to General Provident Fund account in a financial year - Orders - Issued.

GPF ஆண்டு சந்தாத் தொகை உச்சவரம்பை ரூ.5 இலட்சமாக உயர்த்தி அரசாணை வெளியீடு!!!

G.O.Ms.No.15, Dated 18th January, 2023. - Download 

In the Government order first read above, orders were issued capping the monthly Subscription of General Provident Fund @ 12% of the emoluments i.e. Basic Pay + GP + SP + PP +DA with effect from 01.01.2009.

2. Government of India in the Office Memorandum second read above, issued instructions consequent to the maximum annual General Provident Fund Subscription limit Rs.5,00,000/- (Rupees Five Lakh only) being exceeded during current financial year in certain cases. Therefore, Government of India has instructed that further where General Provident