No need to send service register for cps proposal Just send scanned pages Of Service Register

The Government have decided to accept the proposal of the Principal Secretary /Commissioner of Treasuries and Accounts in respect of:-
a) Replacing the Service Register with the Certificate in respect of the above points from the DDOs. and
b) Scanned pages of the Service Register with the DDOs attestation need to be attached with the proposal.
Accordingly, the Government direct that, while sending the final withdrawal proposals to settle the CPS accumulation to the CPS subscribers, the DDO’s shall fill up the Annexure which is enclosed with this letter along with the Scanned pages of the Service Register duly attested by the DDOs to ensure the correctness of the particulars of the individuals so as to settle the CPS amount

இனி cps settlement தொகைக்கு service register அனுப்பதேவையில்லை.scanned pages அனுப்பினால் போதுமானது என்பதற்கான அரசு கடிதம்

Finance Dep Letter No 6941/Date:20.07.2020 And Treasuries And Accounts Dep letter No 0065 Date :19.08.2020 - Download.

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