PGTRB Geography Study Material And  Syllabus 

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PGTRB Geography Syllabus Unit Wise 

PGTRB Geography Unit I - Land forms

 Land forms due to water action – wind action – wave action and glacial action – continental drift – plate tectonics – normal cycle of erosion – concept of davis penck
PGTRB Geography  Unit II - Climatology

Heat budget of the earth and admosphere – Indian monsoon – cyclones and anti cyclones – climatic classification of koppen and thernthwaite.

PGTRB Geography Unit II - Population and settlement

World distribution of population – over population ,under population and optimum population- growth of population – theories of population – migration : Internal and international - Rural settlements – types of patterns – Urban settlements – Functional classification of towns and cities.

PGTRB Geography  Unit IV - Environmental Studies

Ecosystem concepts – human impact on physical environments – natural hazards– Air, Land ,Water and Noise pollution – waste disposal and its effects on society – Environmental planning and management .

PGTRB Geography  Unit V - Geography of India

 Division of india based on relief, climate soil and natural vegatiton – Agricultural distribution – population distribution – Power production – Mineral distribution and a production – industrial regions – trade and transport – Urbanization.

PGTRB Geography  VI - Quantitative Techniques in Geography

Source of data – Geographic methods of sampling ; point ,line and area sampling – correlation and regression analysis – centrographic measures of mean and meadian centres and standard distance.

PGTRB Geography  Unit VII - Regional analysis

Formal and functional region – regional hierarchy – regionalism – classification of region – Techniques of regional classification – simple feature and multifeature regions . Macro and micro regions of India – Regions planning in tamilnadu. 

PGTRB Geography  Unit VIII - Geography of resources and industries

Meaning and nature of resources – Trends of resources – Development – Agricultural resources – Nature and types – food resources – major cereals,oil seeds,beverage crops ,sugarcane and sugarbeet – Animal and marine products – Energy resources – coal ,mineral oil ,H.E.P and Atomic Power production development and trends – industries – Iron and steel ,ship building ,automobiles,Textiles – cotton ,jute ,rayon and woolen – Petroleum refining – Petrochemical industries and fertiliser.

PGTRB Geography  Unit IX - Thematic Cartography

Compilation and generalization of maps – Map design and layout – Mapping of climatic ,Economic population and other social data – Map reproduction – Signification of Air photos and satellite imagery in map making choropleth maps.

PGTRB Geography  Unit X - Geography of Tamilnadu

 Relief and Drainage,Climate ,Vegetation – Floods and droughts – distribution of food crops and cash crops – animal Husbandry – Fisheries – Minerals – Industries – Power resources- Population and urban centres